Hey, there.

I’m a romance writer. I’m also uncomfortable talking about myself, so I’m going to pretend this is for someone else and do my bio in third person, if that’s cool by you…

Kristen Brockmeyer is a proud member of Romance Writers of America and VP of Communications for the Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America. She’s currently up to her eyeballs in an awesome contemporary romance manuscript involving a straightlaced accountant, a sexy cop, a decades-old murder mystery and a haunted Jimi Hendrix cookie jar. She’s also been dipping her toes into the weird waters of flash fiction land.

Kristen is a wife, a mom, an admin at an award-winning digital agency and a recent transplant from farmville to suburb, which means she’s currently enjoying the untold luxuries of cable TV and reliable internet service. She enjoys reading romances, restoring her MCM home, one thrift store visit at a time, and hyphenating phrases, sometimes-unnecessarily.

Oh, and I also like blogging and I wrote a book. (It’s really good. Eight people on Amazon can’t be wrong.)

Nice to meet you. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Hey, there.

  1. Hi Kristen, so nice to meet you on the RWA site. Shamefully, I’ve not been on in a while. The changes are great!! I just have to spend time checking it out. Hi welcome!! Hope I’m not too late.

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