I’m sorry I burned the toast. And the orange juice. #amquerying

I’ve had a fantastic response already to last week’s first round of queries on SMALL TOWN LOVE, and have already submitted a full to an agent, but in the meantime, I’ve got to think about something other than the fact that a very well-respected industry professional wanted to read my stuff without being bribed, blackmailed or extorted first. (I promise, those were going to be last-ditch efforts only.)

Holy cow, guys. How does anyone focus on anything with something like this sitting all bright and shiny in their peripheral vision all the time? I swear, the only productive thing I’ve done in two days is clean my kitchen and there may or may not still be dog hair tumbleweeds under the cookbook stand.

There are many tips out there about keeping your focus during distractions like this, but it would take too much of a toll on my already-sparse concentration skills to read them. Feel free, though – there are so many other writers out there that have been there, done that and can share their advice and experiences. Like this one, which is my personal favorite.

In the meantime, I’m going to try the following coping methods:

1. Eat one of these really slowly and resist the urge to buy another on the way home from work for more “moral support.”

chocolate, coping mechanisms

2. Build a small trap out of toothpicks and green Play-Doh to capture those dust doggies hiding under the cookbook rack. That could take at least three days.

3. Get back to my current book. Worrying about STL won’t change a thing!

Got any tips on keeping your nose to the grindstone when your head is in the clouds? I’d love to hear them! No, I mean it. I really, really need to hear them…

Happy querying! heart


6 thoughts on “I’m sorry I burned the toast. And the orange juice. #amquerying

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