#ROW80 and #WIPpet Wednesday: Can I play, too?


I’m really bad at joining groups. Matter of fact, I’m that weird girl with the thick plastic-framed glasses (I mean the pink Sally Jessy Raphael ones from the 80’s, not the cool black hipster 50’s throwbacks) who stands by the chainlink fence really really wanting to play foursquare (the kind with the ball, not the kind that allows Facebook to tell your stalker where you are) but probably won’t get the guts up to come over and ask you if she can play.

Well, there’s this cool group of kids out there and they’re doing some neat stuff and I want to play, too. And since I’m 34 years-old now and totally over the whole elementary school peer fright thing, I’m going to just sidle up next to them and start playing, too, pretending like I’ve been here the whole time, instead of just watching from this chainlink fence every lunch hour for the past week.


A Round of Words in 80 Days. I’m a little late, since the last round started up a few weeks ago, I think, but according to the FAQ’s, I can just post mah goals and jump on in. So, goals:

  1. Submit one query to an agent per day.
  2. Write 1,000 words per day.
  3. Blog at least 3 times a week.

I won’t be able to do the Sunday check-ins, since I live in the back of beyond where there’s no internet access, but I can still come over on Wednesdays after my piano lesson.

#WIPpet Wednesday

From what I can tell, this creation is from KL Schwengel and I’ve seen it hand-in-hand a lot with #ROW80. From the title, I was hoping there would be a dog involved because I really like that picture of the whippet with the Devo hat, but sharing an excerpt that has something to do with both my WIP and the current date (July 23) will be fun, too. This WIPpet snippet is from page number 23:

“An incredibly sexy man could have possibly, maybe, perhaps been interested in me, and he turns out to be the grandson of the man you went to jail for killing. And he’s the current Sheriff. Could the deck be stacked any higher against me? Crap night all around, Grammy.”

Thanks for not throwing the dodgeball at me, guys, and I’ll see ‘ya next week.heart



28 thoughts on “#ROW80 and #WIPpet Wednesday: Can I play, too?

  1. Welcome! I’m glad you came over to play. I like making new friends! 🙂 I also think of Whippets when I do this–glad it’s not just me! And you take piano lessons, or give them? My daughter is learning piano, and she likes to make me try her exercises. I’m actually horrible, despite the fact that I play violin. LOL!

    Nice snippet. I want to know who this incredibly sexy man is and why it’s so bad that he’s potentially interested in the MC (I assume that’s who’s talking). More, please! 🙂

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    • Hiya, Amy! Thanks for the welcome! I actually only took like four piano lessons when I was 10, but it kind of fit with my 80’s flashback themed post. Now, the violin, that’s an instrument I’d like to learn! I bought a “How to Fiddle” book and borrowed my stepdaughter’s violin, but the string snapped and I haven’t replaced it yet. That was sometime last year. Thank you for the snippet compliment – I’m 22K words in on this particular WIP, and it’s a lot of fun so far. 🙂


  2. Welcome, Kristen! To ROW80 and to the #WIPpeteers! You don’t need to pretend you’v been here – most of us were also that kid in one way or another, and we understand.

    Your ROW80 goals sound solid and measurable – a very good start.

    Your snippet is intriguing. Stacked deck indeed. I need to know more about what’s happening here! Hope you come on back next week, and share more! =)

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    • Thank you for the gracious welcome! I was looking for a way to make some progress and stay motivation and am considering myself super fortunate to have stumbled on such an amazing group of folks. Hit my 1K goal last night, so I’ll definitely have more to share next week. Nice to “meet” you!


      • Awesome!

        ROW80 is definitely a supportive group, and the WIPpeteers an excellent source of feedback and silliness.

        Sounds like both will be helpful to you, which is very cool.

        Happy to meet you, too, and WAHOO on that 1K! =D


  3. Hiiiii! *grins slightly maniacally and waves* It’s great that you’ve joined us!

    I love the voice in the WIPpet. That does seem to put the kibosh on any relationship prospects!


    • Howdy, Emily – so glad I joined. You guys are major fun! Thanks for the WIP compliment. I keep saying I’m going to write my next book in the third person, but my main characters seem to have different ideas. 🙂


  4. hahahaha!!! Love this! Great on the goals! Hope you’ll be able to do them. I’m not sure I could do one query a day (especially without internet). I’d love to write 1000 words a day. Maybe in the next round.

    Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday. We’ll try not to bite to hard. Love your excerpt. Leaves me wondering a lot about the story itself. Can’t wait to see what you’ll have next week!

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    • Adrian, your Gravatar pic is the best. I’m lucky enough to have access to the internets at work, so that’s where I’m querying from. Thanks for the compliments on the excerpt and thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  5. I like thick plastic glasses. Last time I got new ones, I chose bright, chunky, colorful frames that are intended to be sunglasses. I asked if they could use the frames for my regular glasses, and they shrugged and said “I don’t see why not…” I love them!

    So go ahead and wear what you want, write what you want, share what you want, and play wherever you want!

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    • I’m thinking my next pair of glasses will be some 60’s cat’s eye frames – aqua if I can find them. I never thought about getting the lenses switched out for my own prescription ones. Great idea!


  6. Welcome, Kristen. Glad you’re leaving the chain link fence. Careful of the bit on the other side it sometimes has a bit of current running through it. Um…only to keep the flying monkeys behaved. Yeah. That’s it. 😀 I love, love, love the Wippet with the Devo hat!! He’s awesome. And nice excerpt as well. I love the last line, and boy, does it make me wonder what the heck is going on.

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    • Thanks so much! It’s way neater over here with you guys than it was by the fence. I’ll be sure to watch out for those flying monkeys, though. Eep! Thanks, too, for the compliment on the excerpt. I kind of wonder what the heck is going on, too, but if this WIP turns out anything like my other two books, I’ll probably figure it out by the end. lol


  7. Hi! *waves* Wanna piece of my chocolate? *holds out bar of dark chocolate*

    Hmmm… Grandson of the guy one of her relatives killed? And a cop? Well, that stinks. I think I’d flush those fantasies right down the toilet, were it me. 🙂 Sounds like fun!


    • *gratefully accepts chocolate and snarfs it down, smearing it on one cheek* Hello!

      And re: flushing, no can do. My book would be a lot shorter if that were the case. 🙂


  8. Kristen, I’ll echo all the rest–this is a great bunch or two bunches, although you’ve noted the overlap. And, definitely, we all were those kids hanging by the fence. Welcome to the playground!

    I love the devo-hat-wearing whippet, and I absolutely love the “Crap night all around.”


    • Hello, Elizabeth! It seemed like everybody was doing both, but after some blog visits today, I’m catching on that they’re just two different things that work well together. And thanks – “Crap night all around.” is one of my favorite lines. 🙂


  9. What a cute excerpt (cute being subjective, of course… I mean it in a slightly macabre way). So our MC’s grandmother killed the love-interest’s grandparent? That… that is history. No Hatfields or McCoys here are there?

    Oh! And welcome both to the ROW80 and the WIPpeteers, Kristen. You’re right that these two challenges work well with each other. The ROW80 helps keep us on track for writing, and the #WIPpets allow us to get feedback and exposure to new styles of writing.

    Since ReGi offered you the chocolate… I’ll pass over the peanut butter (because of those “two great tastes” thingies). As for dorky glasses… I still have my Tutti-Fruitti colored pair. I don’t wear them mostly because my lenses are so very heavy that thin wire frames hurt less.


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