Best clerical error EVER. (#ROW80 #WIPpet update)

I’m late still, as per my week so far, but hey, one day is better than two. I’m catching up! I didn’t get a whole lot done, so I’m going to skip the recap of my goals for last week and go straight to this week’s, but first, I’m just bursting to share some news.

A couple months ago, I submitted the first 500 words of a category romance I’d been working on (before this current crazy romance took over my life) to Harlequin’s First Page Feedback feature. They read your first 500 words, give editor feedback and then post it on their Sold! blog and open it for comments.

Now, I’m an administrative assistant. Been one for like 18 years. (Which is crazy, because I’m only 33.) That didn’t stop me from submitting those first 500 words in completely the wrong location on the Harlequin web site and then somehow failing to understand the perfectly simple steps required to rectify my mistake until a Harlequin editor took some of her valuable time to explain it to me. I figured it out after a few headdesks and a lot of embarrassment, but that’s not the news.

That bungled submission ended up getting over to a new assistant editor for the Desire and Romantic Suspense lines and she emailed me on Monday to tell me she “absolutely adored” my voice (jaw hit desk) and wanted to see the full manuscript (fell out of chair). I may or may not have lost consciousness for a sec. I also may or may not have offered to finish and send her the ms in three weeks. Total word count I had when I told her that? 8,100.

So, since I want to finish CHARMING CORA as quick as I can, my goals for the next month or so have changed.

1. Write 1,881 words per night. According to WriteTrack, this oddly-specific word count will get me to 55K words by August 31. I’ve got surgery scheduled for next Thursday, but I’m going to be optimistic and say that I can get more writing done during my recuperation, and maybe beat that deadline.

2. Publish at least two blog posts per week.

3. Keep up on social media. (Check in on FB and  Twitter daily, visit other ROW#80 players and WIPpeteers, comment on five blogs per day).

K. Ready, set, go, I guess?

Here’s my WIPpet snippet, a piece from the 1, 754 words I got done on Charming Cora last night. Since today’s the 7th, I’ll do seven sentences. This a scene between Cora, my heroine who uses her snark to hide the fact that she suffers from social anxiety, and one of the only people in the world Cora actually likes, Imogene Janiczewski. Most people would look at Imogene and just see a shrunken old lady with a headful of blonde curls that are obviously not the ones she was born with. In actuality, Imogene is a spunky broad in her nineties who made her name back in the day as Genie Carter, one of Hollywood’s hottest 1940’s starlets.

 “Sorry, Mrs. Janiczewski,” Cora finally managed to get out, dodging the topic of octogenarian—or was it nonagenarian—sex. “I didn’t think anyone else was down here. I’ll keep my homicidal thoughts to myself.”

“Psht. Rant all you please.” Mrs. Janiczewski waved her forward and carefully marked her page in the romance novel that had been propped up in front of her. Cora smothered a laugh when she caught sight of the mostly-naked, inhumanly buff vampire grinning wickedly at her from the cover of the book.

Unfortunately, Imogene is about to get written out in favor of a different plot route that I can spin off into a second book. But I’m saving Imogene in a .txt file – she’ll be back someday!

Have you ever had to get rid of a character you really liked? This is a first for me.

How’d you do on your writing goals this week?

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15 thoughts on “Best clerical error EVER. (#ROW80 #WIPpet update)

  1. OMG! That is the coolest thing ever. And, somehow, so YOU. Good luck, and write quickly. I know it will be great because your characters ROCK – they come to life and will sell that book for you.


  2. This is awesome. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake, really. =) I like Imogene a lot, too. I have written characters out, and in, but the good ones do find their way to a more suitable place.

    I hope Imogene lands on her feet!

    Enjoy your challenge, and the opportunity!


  3. Well as clerical errors go, that was definitely the best. 😀 Congratulations, and I hope things go well for you.

    Love the WIPpet, thanks for sharing. Yeah, I’ve gotten rid of characters I adore. One just recently. I tried so many ways to work him in, had a gazillion scenes written with him already…*sigh* It was just not to be. I’ve saved him in a folder, though. Perhaps some day I’ll get to use him.


    • Thank you! 😀
      And maybe we should have a character garage sale. “I really loved this one, barely used it at all. It just didn’t look good with anything in my closet. Two dollars!”


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