Meet Author Alyssa Alexander (#MaGM 9)

Wait, what? Am I really on time today? No excuses to make for my lame habit of being tardy with blog interviews? Oh, good! Because I’m about to have some fun with Alyssa Alexander.


Welcome to another Meet and Greet Monday, where we pull an author or reader of romance out from out of that book they’re buried in, drag them in front of everyone and introduce them! Please wave hello to today’s featured guest, the fantastic Miz Alyssa Alexander!


Hey there, Alyssa! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by after your whirlwind month of July that included the RWA conference in Texas! Not that I’m jealous. Because I’m not. But I thought you promised to measure one of your suitcases to see if I’d fit? Don’t worry–I ain’t mad atcha. I hope you had a terrific time. Did the organizers bring in any real, live Texan cowboys? Was it hotter than Hades in springtime? Did you hear anyone say “yee-haw?” Okay, forget the conference interrogation questions and lets skip to the just-because-I’m-nosy interview questions, instead. 🙂

What was the last DVD you bought? Was it any good?

Frozen. Because I have a 5 year old boy-child who, believe it or not, likes to sing “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” rather than “Let It Go.”

Your little Biscuit is so sweet! I love reading your Bit o’ Biscuit posts on Facebook. Happy recent birthday to him, btw!

And I hesitate to admit this, but…, frozen meme, johnny depp

Image Credit


On a completely related note, do you lick the lids on your yogurt or pudding containers?

Who doesn’t?? Sometimes my 5 year old and I fight over who gets to lick the yogurt lids! As for pudding, I haven’t eaten pudding in probably 10 years. But now I have a hankering! Guess I know what I’m putting on my next grocery shopping list!

Ha, sorry about that! At least I didn’t ask if you liked lobster, I guess. Or Beluga caviar.  Or Le Burger Extravagant. Those would be unfortunately expensive cravings. Forget sesame seeds. Lets eat gold flecks on our hamburger buns, shall we?

What’s the most unique thing you can tell us about yourself?

I love bacon. I mean, LOVE bacon. And not just love, but LOOOOVE bacon. I even LURVE it. With a big <3.  I also read magazines backwards, get the heebie jeebies when I get my teeth cleaned and have never in my life had a massage or a pedicure.

See, I just knew we had a lot in common. So, I made you something!

I was thinking if you came over to my house for lunch, I could give it to you then.

And afterward, we could maybe go get matching tattoos together?

Just let me know what day you’re free.

Changing the subject now, in hopes that my stomach stops growling… do you believe in ghosts?

No. Yes. Probably. I guess I believe everyone has a spirit that never quite leaves the earth, and that energy flows in and around all of us. And, OK, this a long story, but my family went to Ireland and took photos of castles, etc. They were told they would see “orbs” in the pictures, which were the spirits of those who had gone before. Looking close, sometimes you could even see faces. I was a non-believer despite the many, many orbs in their pictures. There had to be an explanation—light glancing off 500 year old dust, right? But one day I was gardening late at night (that’s a whole ‘nother story involving a garden project gone wrong) and I swore there was someone in the garden with me. But I didn’t see anyone, and believe me, since I was gardening in the dark I was uber-sensitive and took a good, hard look around. Shortly after that, I took pictures of my gardening handiwork. And there were the orbs.

Note the pictures from Ireland, and then one from my garden. What do you think they are?

IMG_1006 1 IMG_1012 599997_3498805624030_558230211_n

Man, I don’t know what they are but those pictures are pretty creepy. I’d also say they provide an excellent reason to confine your gardening to daylight hours only. Imagine how much more scared you’d have been, though, had you found THIS in your garden picture:


Look out, it’s a Kardashian!

Speaking of scary, what about roller coasters? Love them or hate them?

Yes. 🙂  I love corkscrews and fast corners and rides where my feet are flying loose in the air. I hate roller coasters with really big hills. You know how a roller coaster clicks on its way up the hill? I think of that as a clock ticking down to the end of my life. Then I get to the top, I slip over the edge and my stomach slams into my throat. I don’t even have enough breath in me to scream. So the Magnum at Cedar Point? 205 feet in the air on the largest hill? Ah, no. I’ll take Magnum P.I., thank you very much. And the Millennium Force at 310 feet? Hellz no. But give me a fun corkscrew roller coaster any day.

Ha, that’s very specific! Sorry, though, you’ll be riding those corkscrews by yourself. I find thick mats of mucho macho chest hair far less terrifying, personally.

Are you a good gift giver or do you prefer Applebees gift cards?

I don’t like to shop, first of all. Second, I’m a last minute shopper. Combining those two qualities spells g-i-f-t c-a-r-d.

I personally love getting gift cards. They’re the only time I can feel guilt-free about my Starbucks decaf mocha habit!

And the final nosy just-because question? Could you say the alphabet backward if asked to do it sober?

Absolutely not! But I guarantee if you give me a couple of glasses of wine I would *think* I was saying it perfectly.

Okay, now that I’m craving pudding, bacon and a great big glass of white zin to wash it all down, lets move on to the writing stuff! Pick up the book closest to you. Turn to page 12. What’s the first full sentence on the page?

Oddly, the nearest book is Sex With Kings by Eleanor Herman. Page 12 is blank, so I went to page 13…And I’m going to be a rebel and give you more than the first sentence!

“We picture the royal mistress as, first and foremost, a sexual creature. She has a heaving bosom, a knowing smile, eyes sparkling with desire.”

How’s that for some interesting reading?

Well, wow. I’d like to Google that book but I’m on my work computer and afraid I’d bring HR down on my head for checking out NSFW stuff. Just kidding, I’m sure it’s research, though, right?. 😉

Who is your favorite author of all time?

I can’t choose, there are so many. But, if I had to…Mary Stewart or Victoria Holt. That’s two authors, but really, they taught me romance and suspense and good writing. I sighed, I laughed, I gasped, and I learned how to craft a story by reading their amazing books.

I’ll let you get away with two. Especially since you mentioned Victoria Holt. I read The India Fan when I was 12 and still remember it. What are you currently working on?

Book 4 in my A Spy In The Ton series. It’s about Jones, the spy who hunts spies, and Cat, the heiress to England’s greatest fortune. Mystery abounds, kidnappings occur and a happy ending ensues—I think. I’m a panster so I don’t know what happens next!

That sounds fantastic! Also, yay for pantsers! It’s the most fun way to write, isn’t it? What book have you released most recently?

The Smuggler Wore Silk came out in January from Berkley, and In Bed With A Spy releases this December. I can’t wait to share Angel and Lilias’s story with everyone!

Want to share? Let’s hear some of it!

This excerpt is from The Smuggler Wore Silk. I’d give you a preview of In Bed With A Spy, but it’s not finalized yet! Soon, though, my lovelies!

The Smuggler Wore Silk by Alyssa Alexander

Only inches between them. His heat, his scent, enveloped her. Desire filled her, a low thrum that echoed the beat of the rain.

She could hear his ragged breath in the darkness, could sense the rigid control of his muscles. Some force passed between them, powerful, sexual and as elemental as the storm outside.

“Only two weeks, Grace, until the banns are complete and we’re married.” He reached out, drew a finger across her cheek. His touch was as gentle as the flutter of butterfly wings.

“Yes.” She turned into his hand, let her lips drift across his palm. Her lips tingled as the rough skin of his palm sensitized them. “The smuggler and the spy.”

“Husband and wife.” His palm lay against her cheek, his fingers delving into the hair bound back at her temples. “Take your hair down,” he rasped.

Lightning flashed and illuminated the sharp angles of his face. He looked fierce, nearly grim, his eyes intense. Unable to do anything else, she lifted her hands to the pins holding up her hair. His hand fell away from her face, but his gaze never left hers. She could see his chest rising and falling, hear his breathing quicken.

Power coursed through her. Beneath the charming aristocrat, beneath the spy, was a man that wanted her. Desperately. It was heady knowledge that for all his silver-tongued seduction, he wanted her.

She smiled at him, one slow, knowing siren’s smile. And let her hair tumble around her.

* Fans self and wishes she had that glass of wine. *

Okay, then. Where can I, I mean we, buy this? Like, now?

The Smuggler Wore Silk is available from all the usual places!

Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble   |   Kobo    |    Books-a-Million

In Bed With A Spy is available for pre-order! Release day is December 2!

Amazon       Barnes & Noble   |   Books-a-Million

Noted! Any location information you’d like to share with all us bookstalkers out here?

Oh, do come visit me on social media! I love interacting with readers, especially on Facebook where I chronicle my kitchen and parenting and life mis-adventures. Please stop by and say hi!

Facebook    |    Twitter    |    Website

Thanks so much for being on today – congrats on your success so far and best wishes for even more amazing good things in the future! And, hey, everyone else? Go read Alyssa’s books!heart


18 thoughts on “Meet Author Alyssa Alexander (#MaGM 9)

  1. Love your blog posts, Kristen! But what happened to your non-tagline tagline? I just shared it with a writers’ group Saturday and they loved it! And Alyssa, I’m eagerly awaiting Angel’s story, because I LOVED The Smuggler Wore Silk!


    • Thank you, Patricia! And you scared me! I had to go look, but the non-tagline tagline is on the home page. It doesn’t show up after you click through to the individual blog pages. Whew. I worked hard on that – wouldn’t want to lose it! 😉


    • I love that tagline too! Thanks, Patty! I confess, I can’t wait for Angel’s story to come out. I’m in the galley stage right now, and sometimes I forget I wrote it I like it so much! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kristen… I love your interviews. They are certainly laugh out loud! Alyssa, it’s fun learning more about you. I have a friend who used to take photos of those orbs. I didn’t realize that they would come here… Maybe I should take more photos and see if there are spirits around me. I did meet a ghost in San Antonio. I told him he could come home with me…hmmmm…

    by the way… I haven’t seen Frozen yet either!

    Liked by 1 person

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