ROW80: A new round and 10 goals!

So, September was mostly a bust in the writing department, but I have high hopes for October. In fact, I want to finish two WIPs. I know, typically setting your goals too big is a recipe for disaster, but I like to live on the edge. Below are my (very specific) ROW80 goals for the first month or so of this 80-day round, and a rough sketch of my goals after that point.

Here are October’s goals:

1. Finish rough draft of CHARMING CORA (32,864 words to go).

CORA is a 55K-word contemporary aimed at the Harlequin Desire line. I’ve technically already had a request for a full on the unwritten manuscript (pretty sure I didn’t actually dream that?!). I’m not sure I’m thrilled with the story so far, but like Nora said, you can’t edit a blank page, so I have to finish it! Putting this into a measurable goal? I will write 1,200 words per day on CORA.

2. Finish rough draft of PEACE, LOVE AND  MURDER AT THE ROSY GOAT (goofy working title – 52,682 words to go).

PL&M is an 80K-word romance/mystery that isn’t aimed at anything yet. It’s been a blast to write so far, and I really would just like to get it finished so I can decide what I want to do with it. It has a longer stretch to completion, but hasn’t been as difficult to write.  Specific daily goal? I will write 2,100 words per day on PL&M.

Okay, I know that 85, 546 is a lot of words to write in the next 26 days. Too many. But since it works out to about 3,300 words per day, rotating between the two should keep me fresh and I’ve done 50K in that amount of time, maybe by pushing a little harder, it’s doable? I’ll even pull out some old standby writing helps like Write or Die, the Pomodoro technique and Written?Kitten!. Ultimately, I don’t mind if I don’t reach my goals, really, as long as I make progress!

My goals into the next stretch of ROW80 will include (and I’ll make these measurable when I get to them):

3. Proof CORA and find a beta reader.

4. Proof PL&M and find a beta reader.

5. Submit CORA to Harlequin.

6. Revise SMALL TOWN LOVE based on editor, agent and CP feedback.

7.  Submit STL to Harlequin.

8. Shop PL&M out to agents.

9. While I’m waiting on all those submissions, I might try a novella. Something short and fun!

10. Blog my progress throughout, visit ROW80 and WIPpet bloggers, and at the end of the 80 days, re-evaluate my goals and where I’m at.

Eighty days from yesterday will be December 24. At the very least, I hope to have two more completed novels by that point! If you’re interested in hopping aboard this ROW80 train, go here to find out more, or just set some measurable goals and link up with all the other fine ROW80 folks.

Happy writing! 🙂


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