Keep On Truckin’ (WIPpet/ROW80)

So, last week’s goals to focus on were:

1. Revise SMALL TOWN LOVE based on editor, agent and CP feedback. 

2.  Submit STL to Harlequin. 

10. Blog my progress throughout, visit ROW80 and WIPpet bloggers, and at the end of the 80 days, re-evaluate my goals and where I’m at. 

Doing well on #1, but finding more to edit than I’d hoped, so holding off on #2,  and (yay!) still going on #10. I’m going to keep those same goals until next Wednesday’s check-in.  If you’re interested in hopping aboard this ROW80 train, go here to find out more, or just set some measurable goals and link up with all the other fine ROW80 folks.

Here’s my WIPpet math the week: today is 10/15/14, so, I’ve got 10×14+(5-1)=144. And if I take my contacts out and squint, that number could be 411. Which is how many words I chose. 🙂

Matt was exhausted. He supposed this was karmic payback for not being a good enough dad when Jonah was younger, or hell, maybe he was making up for his own childhood. His mom used to threaten that he’d have the worst child ever when he became a father. He’d been colicky as an infant, obstinate as a toddler, a thrill-seeking child that never sat still and a hellraiser as a teenager. He’d apparently escaped her parental curse with sweet-natured, easygoing Jonah, but Yoshi, their new puppy, was paying him back in spades.

The dog had alternated between piercing yips and heart-rending yowls all night, until Matt had finally conceded defeat around 3:00 AM and let the animal out of its crate to sleep in Jonah’s bed. Jonah, having begged for exactly that from the moment they’d brought Yoshi home, had simply lifted his blankets so the dog could crawl beneath, and slipped back into the sleep of the vindicated, one arm around Yoshi’s furry neck.

They both got up at dawn, galloping furiously around the house and making enough noise to be heard three states away. Then, while Jonah showered and Matt was trying to wrap up a conference call, Yoshi managed to get into Matt’s bedroom closet and eat all six pairs of his dress shoes. And four expensive silk ties. And the clasp on his gold watch, which prompted an emergency trip to the vet and a rescheduled board meeting. Matt’s only consolation was that, with the miracles of modern telecommuting, the shoes and ties wouldn’t have gotten much wear in Briarfield anyway.

Four hours later, they were home again with a very expensive puppy bill of health, working on some basic obedience training. Or at least they had been, before Matt finally gave up. Now, he was answering some frantic texts from Eric Maldonado about the Q3 financial report while Jonah raced Yoshi in dizzying circles around the yard. When Jonah let out a peal of laughter, Matt glanced up. Despite the headache that was brewing behind his eyes, he felt his heart twist at the absolute joy on his son’s face. If he’d known that this was all it would take to break down the stoic, older-than-his-years barriers his son had built around himself, he would have bought five puppies.

Well, maybe not, he thought, as he watched the dog freeze in its tracks, hackles raised, and start barking fearfully at a shrub. One Yoshi was enough

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Now, I’m off to make the menu plan and grocery shopping list I’ve been procrastinating on all day. I’ll make my rounds tomorrow to see everyone else’s ROW80 goal progresses and WIPpet snippets. Happy writing, all!


26 thoughts on “Keep On Truckin’ (WIPpet/ROW80)

  1. This reminds me of a certain edging past middle aged dog in my life, who once was a little red bully puppy…I loved this. The detail, the joy and the exasperation of new puppy and joyful child – and the parent who has to juggle those with the rest of life…

    And good work on those goals, too! =D

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “One Yoshi was enough.” 🙂 I can feel the frustration of this scene so clearly,. He’s had the dog… what? Two days? And it’s already cost him upwards of $2000 on top of whatever it cost to buy/adopt him? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I enjoyed the snippet! Yoshi seems quite the exuberant pup!
    Also, I’m happy for your progress on your goals! I’m a little concerned, though … do I need a refresher course on counting to ten? 😉


  4. As a dog owner I can relate to the dog struggles. As a parent I can relate to the seeing your kid happy and playing. Love the snippet. Totally made me smile.

    Good luck with your goals. May the edits top multiplying and let you finish. 🙂


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