It’s true, co-workers. I write books. Some with sexytimes in them.

I’m way overdue for a WIPpet and ROW80 update, but I’ve been all kinds of busy. I won’t list out my lame reasons, but I promise I’m jumping back into the nightly writing sessions tonight! My current focus is to finish Peace, Love and Murder, and I’m sitting at just under 31,000 words. (NaNo hasn’t worked for me this time around, but that doesn’t mean I should sit back and use it as an excuse to slack off for the rest of the month!) So:

Goal for this week: By next Wednesday’s check-in, I hope to will have hit 35,000 words. At least.

Here’s my WIPpet: a quick clip from page 88. This is my favorite scene in this book yet. (My loosey-goosey math rationalization: today is the 19th, and 9-1=8. 88.)

He looked at me blankly. I thought for a second he had been stunned by the revelation… until he abruptly threw his head back and laughed. “Nancy Drew,” he choked out. “Are you trying to psychoanalyze me? You’re fucking priceless, you know that?”

My face flushed hot and unfamiliar temper sparked again. I lifted both my hands and gave him a sharp shove. It was just unexpected enough to send him back a step, but at the first touch of my palms to his smooth chest, he had brought his own hands up to grip my wrists firmly and I was pulled after him. One hand shifted to slide around my waist, and the friction of callused palm against the bare skin of my back where my tee-shirt had rucked up was startling. Not as much as the feel of his fingers tangling in the fine baby hairs at the nape of my neck, though, as he gave a little yank. It didn’t hurt, but surprised an irritated gasp out of me. I looked up automatically, my mouth open to blast him, but he cut me off with a kiss. A hot, hungry merging of lips and tongue and teeth that was in no way gentle. It was a battle cry and it only took me a second of mental scrambling before I got the wits together to answer it with one of my own. I grabbed one of his flat brown nipples between my thumb and forefinger and twisted. Hard.

“What the hell, Kat,” Mason yelped, jumping away from me with one hand clapped over his chest.

“Did you just give him a purple nurple?” The amused teenaged voice from the doorway of the kitchen had me spinning around guiltily.

Oh, yeah. And the title of this post? Refers to the fact that I was outed today by the company I work for as being a trashy romance writer. Just kidding–it was more of feature than expose, but I’m still feeling a little awkward about the attention. And, FYI, not all of my books have sexytimes. Some are sweet enough for an 8 year-old to read. 🙂

If you’re interested in hopping aboard this ROW80 train, go here to find out more, or just set some measurable goals and hang out with all the other fine ROW80 folks. Or want to share a piece of your WIP? Link up here


27 thoughts on “It’s true, co-workers. I write books. Some with sexytimes in them.

  1. I love the title of your post!
    I’m just now enjoying the novelty of having friends text me from the bookstore saying “I thought you had a book out? I don’t see your name anywhere on the shelves…”

    Well, duh. My book has its OWN table in an eye-catching display right as you walk in the door, and it’s probably sold out!

    Or, it’s currently only available in e-format, and when the print version DOES become available, it would be a major miracle if it ended up on the shelf of a brick-and-mortar store.

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  2. Oh, dear! This is completely delicious in so many ways. I love the passion that is sparking between them – the irritation that turns into lust. YUM! Looking forward to reading more from you.

    And condolences about being outed. I guess your co-workers know you a lot better now … 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the title! I relate to the awkwardness of situations where you have to explain your writing. I had a church friend ask what I write, and I said, “I don’t think you’d find it on the shelf of the church library.” LOL!

    Great scene. Nice combination of steamy, fun, and just a bit embarrassing. 🙂

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  4. This is hysterical! First it’s all Holy Crap This is Some Steamy Stuff Gonna Happen Get Me the Ice Water and then…PURPLE NURPLE!!!!!!! Bwahahahahahaha!!!! So unexpected and fun.

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  5. Looks like you’ve been busy writing indeed. I like the snippet, as the old saying goes, don’t think too much about the writing, the WIP would take care of itself. 😉
    Take care and stay on the mellow side


  6. Congrats on being “outed.” Too funny. I had one of my coworkers tell me (very red-faced) that when she read “those scenes” she kept thinking the story was about me. Um, no. It’s all made up. Honest.

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    • HA! How about getting called out at an informal company gathering and having the person suggestively ask, “Where do romance writers get their ideas, anyway?” I was all cool, like: “Research. My husband loves it.” Plus a lascivious eyebrow wiggle. The effect was ruined by my flamingly red with embarrassment cheeks, though, and it really just came off as lame.


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