Another busy day. Much of the focus of this one is getting a bunch of loan paperwork pulled together. Because my husband and I are going to buy a house. I mean, if we don’t fail the last-minute credit check and if the sewer system repair estimate comes back less than 3.6 trillion dollars and if the sky doesn’t fall first…

I have a sudden painful urge to bake peanut butter-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies.

But first, I have to finish pulling these contracts together. I’ve got to do it quickly. It’s Good Friday and my employers are shutting the place down at 3:00 for the holiday weekend. Oh, yep… there’s the silver lining to this busy day. It’s the start of a holiday weekend.

I hope you have a beautiful Friday!



6 thoughts on “Contracts

    • Thanks so much – fingers crossed that we’ve found THE house.
      And I did enjoy a few cookies. And lots of candy. Plus, ate my weight in ham. Considering it all a holiday weekend write off. 🙂

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