Today’s letter for Blogging A to Z is K. K starts off lots of cool words (kefir, kinetic, Kindergarten, kerfluffle, kippers, Klingon), but I figured it kind of made sense to blog about Kristen. That’s me.

Well, this isn't me. This is a Klingon. Image Credit

Well, this isn’t me. This is a Klingon. Image Credit

Here are 10 deep dark secrets about me that my About page doesn’t cover:

1.  My current favorite candies are those miniature York Peppermint Patties that come in little “share-size” baggies. I don’t share them.

2. I tried to read every book in the adult section of my local library when I was 12, starting from Z. I gave up at Y. I really want to try this again. With a smaller library, though.

3.  I’m afraid of these:

Image Credit

Ichneumonidae loosely translated means “jerk.” Image Credit

Twice, this innocuous-looking winged insects have flown up my pantleg and bit me on the leg. Twice.

4. I didn’t used to like kids. At all. Once, while babysitting, I was hit upside the back of the head with an aluminum baseball bat while changing a baby’s diaper. I wanted to belt the kid that did it, but he was only three, much faster than me, and I was seeing double.

5. I’ve always secretly wanted to be a Fifties housewife. I like to cook out of vintage cookbooks, wear cute aprons and pride myself on sticking to a ridiculously stupid-cheap food budget of $250/month that feeds four people. Three of them boys.

6. I’m eating hummus right now. With a spoon. It’s not my fault–I ran out of pretzels. I’m hoping my co-workers think it’s applesauce.

7. When I was five, I was bit on the face by a dog named Buckwheat. In his defense, he was never the same after that time the garage door pinned him by his head. They didn’t have automatic reverse garage doors back in 1985.

8. I can sleep anywhere. Once, I slept through a tornado, curled on a blanket under a desk. Another time, I slept in a bowling alley, stretched between two chairs.

9. I tried out for a play once in middle school. Spent three weeks memorizing a poem, was called up to audition first, promptly forgot the damned thing and burst into tears in front of about 100 other kids. I can remember every word of that poem to this day.

10. I used to drive my car without insurance all the time. Rollin’ dirty was the only illegal thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been responsibly insured for several years now, but I still sometimes miss the game.

Image Credit

I’m a little embarrassed now. Feel free to share your secrets in the comments to make me feel better. heart


15 thoughts on “Kristen

  1. Well Kristen, for high school, I went to a catholic school (no, I’m not catholic, I went there for my protection). I had to wear uniforms, and I had to wear a gym uniform. There was no money, so I had to get by with cheap gym shoes. the real basic pair that tied on top. In gym, we were required to run around the tennis court, on the other side of the tennis court, the guys were playing softball. When we got around to where the guys were, my gym shoe slipped off the top of my foot and I ran into mud. Yeah, right there in front of the guys. Talk about being embarrass. (sigh) I wish I could say that was the only embarrassing thing that ever happened to me in high school…..

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    • Oh, man – that’s about as bad as when I went to sit down in the lunchroom in 9th grade, slipped off the edge of my chair, and banged the lunch tray down on the table, raining french fries down on all the “cool kids” sitting behind me! It’s amazing we survived school, isn’t it, Connie!? lol


  2. Lots of films make me choke up, but there are only two that make me cry EVERY TIME… Even thinking about them brings a lump to my throat and tear to my eye… ET and Toy Story 3, take a teary bow… This would be less embarrassing if we didn’t watch them so often with our 5 year old… “Daddy, why are you crying?” “Because something sad’s going to happen in thirty mins…”

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  3. Klingon was an awesome one! Makes sense, your choice though, as for N I’m going with Nic. I actually don’t have a ton of secrets with people who know me, years ago I decided to go with the whole open door approach. Sometimes I can be crass, but I don’t really care anymore. The only things I’m not open with some people about, but many, is my sexual history. I’m open about being abused and such, but that since I lost my virginity at 27 I have done quite a few things others wouldn’t even think about doing. Because of your family friendly blog and don’t want to say much more than that :-b. Fun things to read about you though 🙂

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    • I’ve been slacking the last few days in catching up with other AtoZers, but I’ll have to read on “N” day, for sure. I always like posts where you learn stuff about other people, and then we’re not just a bunch of Gravatars or names tacked to blogs. Glad to hear you’re surviving and thriving after abuse – a close family member of mine was raped just before she turned 16 and it’s a rocky, complicated road to travel after something like that. Also, kudos for being who you are, no matter what. ❤


  4. This was fun, almost a break in the read-a-million-blogs-a-day of A to Z! Thanks for sharing your deepest and darkest… I have to say I ADORED the photo of the baby asleep in the shoe. My son would fall asleep anywhere, and I was like that when young and we traveled. I never had a problem sleeping in any moving vehicle! Sorry, my take on Frozen is what a “dysfunctional” family to deal with her issues in that way. Ok movie. Not my fav. Now Emperor’s New Groove rocked! Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @

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    • Thank you so much, Lisa – I love that you had fun while you were visiting me! 🙂 And I don’t blame you a bit for your outlook on Frozen. Let’s not celebrate our children’s special talents, shall we? Locking them up and making them wear gloves all the time makes much more sense… Going to have to watch Emperor’s New Groove. Would you believe I haven’t seen it? Thanks again for stopping by!

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  5. Last week the Today Show said the avg grocery bill was $140 per week. I don’t know how you could feed even TWO people on your monthly budget, but more power to you. I also like campy aprons and wanted to be a 50s housewife most of my life. I do envy you your narcolepsy. I can’t sleep in a Tempurpedic bed with two Ambien and a bottle of red.


    • We’ve gotten used to eating cheaply. Mostly cooking from scratch and creatively stretching cuts of meat. Necessity is the mother of invention… and we’re poor. lol Rock on with your 50’s housewife-wannabe self. Another kindred spirit! And that sucks about the sleep thing – I think a Tempurpedic, Ambien and wine would put me into a coma! Thanks for stopping by, Kerbey. I love your blog. 🙂

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