It doesn’t take much to throw me off track. I can get distracted by lint. Like, for example, when you’re typing away productively and you notice a fuzzy on your sleeve and it makes you think about the fact that your dryer’s broken and the house you’re hoping to buy has a dryer but it also has a clothesline and wouldn’t it be cool to be able to hang your clothes out in the sun because there’s nothing like the smell of clothes fresh from the laundry line, especially if you make that homemade laundry soap you saw on Pinterest with the essential oils in it, and gosh, you’d better start trolling Etsy for a new vintage apron with a clothespin pocket right NOW.

With a mind that wanders that easily, you wouldn’t think that purposely setting a bell to chime every 15 minutes would be a good idea. But it’s actually working.

Hold on, the bell just went off. (Seriously. I didn’t make that up for the benefit of this post.)

Okay, what I did just now was stretched out my hunched up back, drank some water and performed a mental checkup: am I still being productive? Yes. Since my A to Z blog post is the next thing on my to-do list, I’m staying on target.

If you’d like to give it a shot, there are plenty of mindfulness timers out there, which I prefer to use since the alarm-like sound of the countdowns over at e.ggtimer.com are really jarring. Especially if you use them so frequently within the span of an hour. I do like those for writing sprints, though. The timer I like for daily tasks has bell-like chimes and can be found at this website.

And speaking of productivity tools, here’s this week’s ROW80 check-in. (To join up with ROW80 or see other bloggers’ goals, go here!)

ROW80 Round 2 Goals

(For the rest of April, anyway.)

Use a timer! On target. See above. 🙂

Work on Charming Cora Haven’t gotten a ton done. Will try to plug away more this week!

Short blog daily On target.

15 minutes of German Did this 3/7 days.

Plan out mini-sesson for MMRWA Retreat Primary focus right now. Retreat’s next weekend!

MMRWA Retreat Apr. 24, 25, 26 Ditto above.

M, W, F Mid-Michigan Romance Writing 101 FB posts On target. No posts missed.

Galesburg Museum Project Revisit Apr. 27 Posted community event on Monday. Thirty-five new FB likes this week.

Buy a house? Still in progress. Appraisal this week before Friday, two days for a final go-through on our application, need quote on septic repairs and an addendum from sellers, then we schedule closing!

ROW80 sign up/goal post on Apr. 8 Complete.

Retreat basket Complete.

Any productivity technique’s you’d like to share? Do you have goals you’re chipping away at? Share ’em in the comments!  heart




21 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. I think my best productivity technique (which I employ less frequently than I should really) is planning my tomorrow the day before. I tend to write down everything I need done plus time allotments to those endeavors, and I usually deviate the next day, but those lists remind me of what I need to get done, and help me to stay focused and organized

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  2. Ahaha! I too can get distracted by lint. It’s the “ooh shiny” curse–so difficult to shake. I like the idea of setting a mindfulness timer. I’ll have to give that a shot.

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  3. A timer is a great idea! I ran across this recently but forgot (I, too, get distracted). Yet I start my day, every day, with timers to do yoga, breathwork, and meditation, so it would be an easy leap to use the timer in my work. I will do this! Yea!

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    • Maybe I’ll be the opposite. I’ll get used to using a timer, so the transition to yoga, breathwork and meditation are easy. I’ve wanted to start doing regular yoga and meditation for a long time! I hope the time works for you, productivity-wise. Be sure to report back. 🙂


  4. Lint and I have a great relationship. I don’t think I would have explored half the things I have if it weren’t for lint drawing me away from the work I needed to do. 😉

    I like the idea of a timer. My husband made me a little offline thing that just flashes “Ding” (no sound except the little Windows notification beep) when it’s supposed to go off. It helps remind me to stop sitting on my duff all day and to get up and move around… especially when the lint on the screen says “don’t you want to click THAT link too?”

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    • Lint is the best, isn’t it? lol I have a love/hate relationship with it. And I like the sound of your timer, too – my biggest problem is quickly becoming my butt from sitting at the computer all day with no break. 🙂

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      • They say that getting up and moving every 15-20 minutes or so for even 2 minutes is enough to keep our metabolisms from slowing down. You could try it for yourself, though… from my personal experience it doesn’t seem to be fixing the bun-spread. On the plus side, it HAS added some to my energy levels.

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  5. Love your tagline. Love your intro. I think many of us can relate.
    And I love ROW80. Each participant has a unique set of goals and offers inspiration to the others – whether intentionally or unintentionally.
    I packed up and headed off to Camp NaNo this month. I love the opportunity to set my own goal and count words from various projects toward that goal. (Psst . . . I’ve already hit my 30,000-word target. Yay, me!)
    All the best as you hunt for a new house . . . and write.


    • Thanks so much, Steph – So glad you came by! I’m still a relative newbie, but I definitely missed ROW80 when I didn’t participate the last time around. I’ll have to give Camp NaNo a try next time, too. Especially with the success I’ve had in blogging daily with the A to Z Challenge. CONGRATS on hitting your target already! Your motivation is inspiring. 😀


  6. That’s such a fantastic idea, having the timer! I think I’m going to start using that, or something similar (I’ll have a poke around the links you provided).

    Good luck with the house buying! It’s always such a big process.

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