Continuing on down the alphabet, here is an owl, just because I really like them for some reason. I couldn’t tell you what the appeal is. Could it be the pretty feathers? Their almost palpable air of wisdom, maybe?

Nah. I think it’s the tiny monocles.

Do you have an odd affection for anthropomorphic animals like I do?  Feel free to confess in the comment section. heart



9 thoughts on “Owl

  1. I have a friend loves birds, but really into owls, so whenever a friend sees cute pictures of owls, my friend is tagged via facebook. So, I see owl pictures all the time :-b. Gotta love the one you posted though :-b

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    • Seriously? That’s mildly terrifying! A friend of mine at work got attacked by a pack of sparrows, though, so I shouldn’t be too surprised at stories of birds gone wild…


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