That’s what my Boy Scout is going to need this weekend, I think. This guy, here?


He’s going to Springfield, IL with his Boy Scout troop. For an almost-11-year-old, first-year Boy Scout, heading off for a weekend, crossing state lines and driving five hours to go rub elbows with 10,000 other Scouts is apparently a pretty sweet undertaking. Hopefully the 90% chance of rain lurking in the forecast is overestimated.

Meanwhile, momma will worry. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Umbrella

  1. I hope the rain holds off and he has a wonderful trip. I once took my Girl Scout troop for a weekend in the pouring rain. We spent a lot of time French braiding hair and painting nails. I was an expert by Sunday!

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    • I think it rained a little, but the highlight of my kiddo’s weekend was a goose-egg on his forehead, two black eyes and a rager of a bloody nose. He’s also got the new nickname “Bonkers” for bonking heads with a hard-headed friend. Guess that’s one difference between Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts? lol Thanks so much for commenting!

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