Tackling Stuff: Project List


That’s right, Batman. Simplify. I’ve been waiting forever to use that graphic. Also, if it’s yours, let me know and I’ll credit you, because I saved it so long ago I forgot where I found it.

I took the ROW80 goals I posted Sunday and am hitting things one at a time. First on the list was writing daily, but I’ve skipped real quick to evaluating my project list. I need to write daily, but I need to use my time effectively and I’ve got a few things sitting out there that are demanding my attention. First step is to see where I’m at with each so I can plan my attack.

His Sweet Pretender (formerly Small Town Love), Briarfield Brides #1

This one’s currently out for consideration with the Harlequin Special Edition line. It was rejected by Harlequin’s American line (they’re now focusing on just ranchers and cowboys, fyi) and the very sweet editor over there called it a “feel-good love story” and recommended I try Special Edition. I’ve just passed my three-month marker and moved, changing all contact info but my email, so it’s time to follow up and also update my address and phone number. If I’m going to get “the call” (think positive!) I don’t want it to be to a disconnected phone number.

Status: 57,858 words. 100% complete. Out for consideration and requiring follow up.

A Bride for the Sheriff, Briarfield Brides #2

Meant to be the second of the Briarfield Brides trilogy, A Bride for the Sheriff matches up prom-queen-turned-veterinarian and single mom Katelyn Woods with local sheriff Sam Fife. As well as introducing a new romance to the series, small-town character continuity and part two of an ongoing story thread are woven in.

Status: 2,985 word synopsis. 5% complete.

Wild at Heart, Briarfield Brides #3

In the third and final (?) book in the Briarfield Brides, we meet social worker Maggie Sullivan, a woman trying to overcome her less-than-stellar upbringing, and rough-edged Jase Mitchell. The overarcing storyline from the first two books is wrapped up and the series is concludes satisfyingly, but with future book potential.

Status:  2,806 word synopsis.  5% complete.

Charming Cora

Charming Cora is a story that I’m targeting to Harlequin’s Desire line. It’s going to be about 55K words and tells what happens when prickly, anti-social artist Cora Maxwell runs up against a too-sexy-for-himself former child star actor named Jaxon Galloway. They form a relationship of convenience that turns out to be anything but. I actually have a full request from Harlequin, based on a first-page feedback contest last year.

Status: Fully plotted. Written 23,261 words. 42% complete. Requested full.

Problem: Ran out of steam.

Peace, Love and Murder

Like Lucky in Love, this one’s a lot of fun, very quirky and written in first person. It’s about a straight-laced accountant who inherits a hippie commune from her grandma, who died in prison for the murder of the local sheriff 20 years before. Kat Kincaid, believing her grandma didn’t commit the crime, travels cross-country to investigate and clashes with Mason Drake–current sheriff and grandson of the man Kat’s grandma went to prison for killing. My first attempt at a romcom/mystery and I’m still not sure whodunit.

Status: Projected 80,000 words. Currently at 42,947 words. 54% complete.

Problem: Pantsed myself into a corner. Need to plot, I think.

Books #2 and #3 in the Lucky Breaks Series

Originally intended to write the stories of other characters that made an appearance in Lucky. Have some story ideas, but keeping this toward the bottom of my list right now.

Old Drafts

All For You: Romantic thriller. Standalone, old draft, has potential. Probably 30% done, mostly plotted.

Asylum Lake: Another old standalone idea: a romantic thriller with potential. A little bit darker. Not plotted. Maybe 20% done.

Unnamed: Old standalone romantic thriller. Not plotted. 9% done, not including the 9% that needs to be scrapped.

Well, there they all are. The good, the bad and the downright ugly (I’m looking at you, Unnamed.). I feel way better about the amount of work I have out there, now that I can see a whole list of things and what percentage of completion they’re at. Next step is prioritizing, and I’ll do that in a new tab called Project List, as well as keep a running percentage on the main page sidebar of where I’m at on my current manuscript.

Hoo boy. One goal down, only 56 more to go. 🙂


One thought on “Tackling Stuff: Project List

  1. Writing projects never end, do they!!! I’m going to dabble this summer, and HIT IT HARD this fall…In fact, I gave notice at my job on purpose to do freelance editing and writing.
    I need to buy one of your books – I’ll work on it soon…I’m kind of a kindle idiot and make my sister buy everything and then I pay her in lunches!


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