The internet is evil. Eeeeevil.

Goals. I has them. I has updates, too, but nothing impressive, because the internet.

Last week’s goals:

Write daily.

Visit 10 other ROW80-ers.

I bombed on the write daily goal, only getting one out of seven days. I did, however, visit 10 ROW80-ers. And spent a disgusting amount of time scrolling Facebook, terrifying myself with videos about how Washington state is overdue for a massive earthquake and tsunami (I have family there, so that really helped my anxiety issues), and getting mad about the general tendency of people to be meaner and stupider online.

So, new goals:

Limit my non-writing, non-blogging internet consumption to less than 45 minutes per day.

Write 1 hour daily.

Visit 10 other ROW80’ers.

How are you doing on your goals? Do you participate with ROW80? Want to? Join us here!


10 thoughts on “The internet is evil. Eeeeevil.

    • Thanks, Chris! When it comes to making goals, I go for bigger, badder, better, and usually end up overwhelmed. I’m trying to keep it simple this time around. And yes, I don’t think I’ll be missing much on Facebook, except maybe some political discussions I didn’t want to be a part of anyway… 🙂


  1. Oh, Lordy, we were talking about that earthquake article just this morning. We live in a rural area that wouldn’t get much immediate support in the wake of a “big one.” Apparently this info is disrupting a lot of folks in the area!

    I stopped everything earlier this week to “unfollow” a lot of pages on Facebook. I’m tired of getting upset at the posts and comments. If I weren’t trying to build my author platform, I’d get off of it altogether.

    The great thing about goals is, we can always reset ’em. Congrats on doing that. Now, I will go off and try to work on my own goals that have been derailed this week…


    • Ack, you’re over in that neck of the woods? I’d volunteer to hop on a caravan and head that way to help, if anything crazy ever happened. Might follow your example on the unfollowing. If there are things in our lives causing us angst and upset, we should root them out – especially when that could be as easy as hitting a button. Best of luck on re-railing your derailed goals – I’m pulling for you!


  2. i have found I can go for days now with no connection to facebook – i don’t always but I can and that is good to know – in the same way as I gave up a daily newspaper and now recycle my friends papers a week or so late – the radio tells me if i need to take cover because a new world war has happened and it is more peaceful reading ‘old’ news than ‘breaking’ with all its angst and speculation – just a wanna be hermit reporting here!:)

    I do like the internet but it does need a constant firm hand and some days I don’t feel strong and walk away and some days I don’t feel strong and fall into that great picture at the top – on good days I find out so much of what’s happening around the world, meet new people and have a laugh.

    good do-able goals – take care and have a good week:)

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    • I need to get where you’re at. I already don’t watch the news because my poor, anxiety-ridden brain just can’t handle it, but Facebook isn’t any better. Good on you for your honest approach to limiting your time online. So glad you stopped by – have an awesome week!


  3. That’s a great goal! And yes I know the power the of the Book of Face. Good on you. I tend to avoid Facebook while writing, editing, and if I am trying to get things done. And then I go swimming in the sea of George Takei, fandoms, political unrest, baby pictures, pet pictures, food, and weather conditions (just to sum up the whole of FB).

    Simple goals i feel are easier to manage, at least for me. Especially when life happens. Here’s to a good week to come!!

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    • “Swimming in the sea of George Takei…” Lol, you’ve summed up the whole of FB so succinctly. Thanks for your encouragement, and I hope your week is amazing and productive, too! 🙂


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