Sunday ROW80 Progress Update #amwriting

Just a quick Sunday check-in, because I was a lame-o and missed both days last week, but here’s last week’s goal progress:

Finish rough draft of PL&M by August 31: write at least 1,000 words per day. Preferably 2,000.  (Oh, who am I kidding. Preferably 5,000, but let’s be realistic.)

Meh, did so-so on that one. I’m up 4,750 words. Which would be awesome if that was my total for one week, but it’s a two-week tally. On the bright side, though, I passed 60K words on PL&M. And I did write 2,030 on Friday night. Plus, my 10 year-old gave me a great idea for a plot twist. He’s awesome like that. All positives.

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Sorry, guys.

So, going to try and ramp things up in the writing department. I probably won’t finish PL&M this week, but I’m going to keep the same goals as the last couple of weeks and give it my best try.

How’s your WIP going? Do you have any tips for writing faster? Do you participate with ROW80? Want to? Join us here!


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