I passed my first exam! *fist bump*

Oh, wait. You have no idea what I’m talking about. Did I forget to post anything for the past six months? Riiiighhht… sorry about that.

Here are the highlights:

  • Drumroll, por favor: I finally finished the rough draft of PL&M. Needs a solid rewrite, but I think I’ve got something really cool there.
  • I made a new internet friend. We’re totally meeting IRL this weekend for coffee–and we’re each hoping the other isn’t a balding, 57 year-old recreational serial killer.
  • I’m now the VP of Communications for my MMRWA chapter.
  • I’m 40% fluent in German (Wirklich!) and close to 20% in Spanish. Once I finish those DuoLingo courses, I’m going to start learning American Sign Language.
  • My husband is proudly dating a college student. (Spoiler: it’s me. His wife.) I’m officially back to school. By the time I hit 40, I’ll be starting a new career as an elementary school teacher.

Which brings us back to…

I passed my first exam! *fist bump*


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