IM’ing with The Husband

Me: I’m just cheesing you.
Zack: I know, I’m just being a block head.
Cheese joke.
Me: HA, I get it. Havarti to understand at first.
Zack: You feta believe it.
Me: I see what you did Gruyere.
Zack: Okay, I think we’re Gouda here.
Me: Time to Swiss subjects?
Zack: Anything’s cheddar than this.
Me: Okay, that’ll brie the end of it then.
Zack: Yeah, it’s making me bleu.
Me: Munster be you don’t like puns.
Zack: I beg your Parmesan?
Me: There’s Stilton of other things to talk about, you know.
Me: Do you need me to goat to the store after work?
Zack: Asiago if you need me to.
Me: Lol, okay, i’m fresco out. You win.
Zack: Going to Limburger your way out huh?
Me: Farmer better things to do.
Zack: I love cheese.
Me: Me, too.

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