All the best intentions. #amwriting

Since when is it after 5:00 PM already? How the heck are there only three weeks left in this ROW80 round? Is it seriously already September? Where are my car keys? Who are you? Hold on, I got another retweet!


Yeah, I got sucked into #1lineWed today and am now mildly discombobulated. At least it’s a PL&M-related distraction, though. Right?

So, goal check-in:

Finish rough draft of PL&M by August 31: write at least 1,000 words per day. Preferably 2,000.

When I first looked at that goal, I burst out to laughing. Of course PL&M isn’t finished! I only wrote nine days in August. But after some number crunching, you know what? My August total was over 14,000 words. That’s still a win for me.

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I can’t dress this goal up in high-heeled shoes and call it anything other than a fail. I’ve been a sucky bloggy friend.

With only 15K words to go on Peace, Love and Murder, I’m definitely motivated to finish. With that in mind, here are next week’s goals:

Write at least 1,000 words per day on PL&M until that magical day when I finish.

Visit 10 ROW80ers per check in.

I know those aren’t terribly original goals, but they’re an extension of what’s been working for me. How about you? Have your writing goals morphed lately or are you practicing sticktoitiveness? Do you participate with ROW80? Want to? Join us here!


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If I waited till I felt like writing…

The 3 Biggest Stumbling Blocks for Writers by Kristen Brockmeyer

I’m the guest poster today over at the ROW80 blog! 🙂

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life

We’re all writers here, right? We adore the printed word, devour books and bleed ink. It is a privilege and an pleasure to sit down at our computers every day and create fantastic stories out of thin air. In fact, it’s downright magical. So why the hell does it sometimes feel like performing a DIY root canal minus painkillers and actual dentistry experience would be easier and more painless than facing down a blank page?

Call it writer’s block. Performance anxiety. Verbal constipation. There are several reasons we writers can freeze up at any given time. Here are a three of the biggest stumbling blocks (hence the ALL CAPS) and some ways to get around them:


Don’t feel bad. Writers often battle perfectionism. But even the most complex, beautiful and bestselling works of literature all started from a first draft and, chances are, those drafts didn’t pop out…

View original post 466 more words

Sunday ROW80 Progress Update #amwriting

Just a quick Sunday check-in, because I was a lame-o and missed both days last week, but here’s last week’s goal progress:

Finish rough draft of PL&M by August 31: write at least 1,000 words per day. Preferably 2,000.  (Oh, who am I kidding. Preferably 5,000, but let’s be realistic.)

Meh, did so-so on that one. I’m up 4,750 words. Which would be awesome if that was my total for one week, but it’s a two-week tally. On the bright side, though, I passed 60K words on PL&M. And I did write 2,030 on Friday night. Plus, my 10 year-old gave me a great idea for a plot twist. He’s awesome like that. All positives.

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Sorry, guys.

So, going to try and ramp things up in the writing department. I probably won’t finish PL&M this week, but I’m going to keep the same goals as the last couple of weeks and give it my best try.

How’s your WIP going? Do you have any tips for writing faster? Do you participate with ROW80? Want to? Join us here!

Writing ALL The Things

Here’s my quick ROW80 goal check in for this week. Last week’s goals were:

Finish rough draft of PL&M by August 31.  

Post ROW80 Wednesday updates and visit 10 other ROW80ers.

I did pretty well for a change! I’m a little behind to finish Peace, Love and Murder by the end of the month, but I think I can still make it. My numbers since last check-in:

  • Wednesday, August 5: 0
  • Thursday, August 6: 0
  • Friday, August 7: 0
  • Saturday, August 8: 2,000
  • Sunday, August 9: 2,000
  • Monday, August 10: 2,025
  • Tuesday, August 11: 1,070

Image Credit (and the original meme source)

I also visited more than 10 ROW80’ers. Whew! Finally, an accomplished week!

This week’s goals will stay the same, but get more specific on word count:

Finish rough draft of PL&M by August 31: write at least 1,000 words per day. Preferably 2,000.  (Oh, who am I kidding. Preferably 5,000, but let’s be realistic.)

Post ROW80 Wednesday updates and visit 10 other ROW80ers.

Are you writing a lot lately? Have you facepunched a bear this week? Do you participate with ROW80? Want to? Join us here!

Prozac for a 3 year-old?

This is my youngest. Mister T.

Check that one raised eyebrow. He gets that from me.

He’s an awesome kid. Loves cars. Is inquisitive. Whip-smart. Active and coordinated. Everyone he meets on the playground is his “best friend.”

He also feels things differently than other kids. He has really high highs, really low lows, is defiant and obstinate and physically strong, which you find out quick if he hauls off and punches you for no apparent reason. He’s by turns suspicious, trusting, pessimistic and exuberant.

I promise, he has more shirts than just this orange one.

He’s my third kid, so it’s not my first time at the rodeo. I’m realizing early, though, that T’s a little different than our other two (as he should be!), but talking with his pediatrician at his yearly checkup, we agreed maybe he should talk to someone good with very young kids about coping strategies and how to handle emotions in better ways. Also, if there’s something deeper going on, better to learn now than before he gets kicked out of Kindergarten for giving the teacher a bloody lip. (He doesn’t hit other kids his age, only bigger ones and grown-ups, and if he has a “good” reason.)

My first clue it wasn’t going to be that easy should have been when the referral office lady called and asked in a very snotty tone, “You’re aware they don’t medicate 3 year-olds, right?” I corrected her and explained the coping strategies, emotions, there’s gotta be a better way thing. Second clue might have been when the doctor’s office called and said the same thing as the snotty referral office lady, in the same judgmental tone. Again, the tune changed after I gave my now stock explanation of what we were after.

The face of skepticism.

I’m not familiar with counselors, but I was told this guy was great with kids. We walk in, T starts telling him about our trip to the car museum this past weekend, and how some bad kids were riding the pedal cars in the pedal car museum, even though the sign said NO, and then Doc simply watches in fascination as T acquaints himself with the room. “That’s a brain!” he exclaims, pointing at a poster. “I’ve got one of those in my skull! Because skulls are on top of your skeleton, inside your head.” The doctor is impressed. Then the doctor tells me he’s never seen a kid so young in his office and I start to get confused. This is the doc so good with young children? We go through medical history, T’s, mine and my husbands.

The conclusion? Prozac. “How would you feel about putting your 3 year-old on Prozac? Just a little bit. Like, a quarter of a milligram. Just to see what would happen.” Doc’s words. Like, hey, this might be a cool experiment.

I give him pretty much a big, fat, fuck no. I’m not anti-medication. I’m on a couple, trying to work out what’s going on with my wacky brain-chemicals which have suddenly decided I should have fairly sudden-onset near-constant anxiety and now maybe panic attacks at random intervals, among other things. Husband is on meds, too, and has had amazing success with issues he’s struggled with his entire life.

Nope. Not going to experiment with this guy.

But to experiment with Prozac on a 3 year-old? Doc tells me, you know I’m a psychiatrist, right? I say, if that’s the one that prescribes medications, then, no, I didn’t know that. You are not the guy we were supposed to see. But now, he’s intrigued by T. He wants T to come back in a couple months. He thinks T has really early signs of ADD/ADHD, which don’t usually show up until first grade. Dad has those, too, plus dyslexia, so it wouldn’t be a surprise. He tells me to make an appointment on my way out.

I didn’t.

I don’t normally blog on super-personal things like this, but is this normal? I know we’re a society that relies more and more on medications to fix things, and hell, sometimes we really need them, and it’s likely that T will at some point. But this just seemed so weird to me. No recommendation to talk to a psychologist. You know, the kind of doc we were supposed to see in the first place. We were only at his office because of a clerical error, apparently. No advice on coping strategies. Nothing on handling all those big emotions and anger at people bigger than you.

What do you think? Is this messed up, or am I just over-mom-reacting? And if you have a toddler on an anti-depressant – I’M NOT JUDGING. I’m just wondering if this is now a common first resort.

My Celebrity Lookalike

My mom always tells me I look like Anne Hathaway.

I love you, momma. But, yeah, not quite. I’m assuming she means this Anne Hathaway:

I’ve never really seen much of a resemblance between myself and any celebrity. Until I finally figured out who my deadringer was this morning.

Imagine that face looking back atcha at 6:00 AM.

Do you have a celebrity lookalike? Is he or she less frightening than mine? Share in the comments! 🙂