Open Projects – Updated 11/4

Peace, Love and Murder

Like Lucky in Love, this one’s a lot of fun, very quirky and written in first person. It’s about a straight-laced accountant who inherits a hippie commune from her grandma, who died in prison for the murder of the local sheriff 20 years before. Kat Kincaid, believing her grandma didn’t commit the crime, travels cross-country to investigate and clashes with Mason Drake–current sheriff and grandson of the man Kat’s grandma went to prison for killing. My first attempt at a romcom/mystery and I’m still not sure whodunit.

Status: Projected 80,000 words. Currently at 64,800 words. 81% complete.

Charming Cora

Charming Cora is a story that I’m targeting to Harlequin’s Desire line. It’s going to be about 55K words and tells what happens when prickly, anti-social artist Cora Maxwell runs up against a too-sexy-for-himself former child star actor named Jaxon Galloway. They form a relationship of convenience that turns out to be anything but. I actually have a full request from Harlequin, based on a first-page feedback contest last year.

Status: Fully plotted. Written 23,261 words. 42% complete. Requested full.

Problem: Ran out of steam.


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