Possible Post Titles: Why The 5 Second Rule is Not Infallible. Or, Don’t Eat Stuff Off the Floor.

I’d like to share the following conversation, in the interests of educating the public on important food safety issues.

Me:  Well, I guess I shouldn’t eat stuff that falls on the floor.

Husband:  You’re just figuring this out?

Me:  I dropped a chocolate-covered blueberry. I leaned under my desk, picked it up, blew on it, popped it in my mouth and suddenly realized it had turned into a chocolate-covered espresso bean.

The whole thing was either magical or really gross.

Husband:  Oh, honey.

And yes, I broke an almost month-long blog silence just to post this little gem. You’re welcome.


Written? Kitten! Why I like it.

I love things that make me write faster, so when I saw a mention on Twitter about Written? Kitten!, a free online writer interface that rewards you with kittens every time you get to 100 words, I had to try it. I pulled up the tool and it was simply a pretty blue screen with a white text box and a little explanation of how things worked. You just click in the box and start typing.

Here’s a recap of my experience with this Write or Die-like positive writing reinforcer: Continue reading