Not Sucking at Golf and Other Things

I work for an advertising agency and we had our annual company picnic yesterday at a local country club. It was uber swanky, and the shindig included lake views (complete with yachts), lots of alcohol and an ice cream truck. And golf. Which I decided I should attempt, even though I’d never hefted a club.

Sing with me: “One of these things is not like the others…”

11817188_10153014012277361_1469038586908420606_n (1)

Don’t get me wrong–up close, that shirt is sweet. But it just didn’t scream country club, if you know what I mean. Unless it was hollering “early 1970’s country club.”

But I golfed in it anyway. And maybe some 70’s mojo rubbed off on me, because I didn’t suck! Well, not very badly. I won’t bore you with stories of how a lot of my divots traveled further than my ball or how I chipped out of a hole (what are bunkers without sand called, anyway?) with the most perfect arc you could ever wish for, plopping it right on to the green, but I will tell you that the whole experience got me thinking. What other things could I try that I might not actually suck at?

Jujitsu comes to mind. So does learning to make my own decaf iced mocha to rival Starbucks’ best. Calligraphy. Competitive speedwalking. Ballroom dancing. Poker. Parkour. Ice road trucking. Kickboxing an emu.


Original Image Credit (before I messed with it)

I’m going to wait on all of those, though (except maybe the mocha thing), and try something new in my writing world. I’m going to compile and publish an anthology. A long-time member of my writers group has a 25K-word story just kicking around, and suggested we put together an anthology of member short stories as a fundraising effort. At the very least, we’d all sell a copy to each other, right?

Well, I kind of volunteered to do it. And then her idea sparked several other ideas, related and unrelated, of writing-related things I’ve never done but might not suck at. Best of all, every new thing I suddenly want to try ties in with my ultimate goal of writing and publishing being my primary gig. I just have to hang on to the thought that if I don’t suck at golf, I most definitely won’t suck at this. Writing is my best, most favorite thing, dammit.

My to-do list just got a little longer and my brain a lot more crowded, but I’m excited about these new directions. Do you like trying new things? Are you an accomplished ballroom dancer? Can you teach me? Anything super crazy on your mind lately? I want to hear about it!


Back to the Grind

That would be a cool title if I worked at a coffee shop, but I don’t. I answer phones for a living. Back to the reception desk just doesn’t quite have the same ring, though.

Wait, see what I did there?

I was on vacation last week and lots of stuff happened. I mowed our lawn. Twice. Spent some money on house stuff. Sold our farm truck (because we don’t live on a farm anymore). Planted lots of flowers. Got 75% of my family members up to date with dentist appointments.

Met my newest adorable niece:

Also took my boys for their yearly physicals and found out my toddler had been walking around on a broken leg for a week and a half. You know, the usual stuff.

Side note: Mister T got tripped over and misdiagnosed at the urgent care, but he’s healing up just fine and dandy with no complaints about the fence post he now has where his leg used to be. His parents, however, are looking forward to the day his cast (hopefully) comes off next week. The phrase “Tavin, don’t hit ____ with your cast!” (fill in the blank with “your brother,” “the cat,” “Grandma,” “the television,” etc.) has become stock in the Brockmeyer household this past week.

With all that going on, I didn’t, understandably, write as much as I would have liked during my vacation. I only netted about 2,100 words on Peace, Love and Murder. Last week’s ROW80 goal was to write daily and I scored about a 3 out of 7. Still satisfied, though, since it’s progress! I also finished up my sponsor article and was super happy with it, so that’s a bonus, too.

Adding an item to the goals this week:

Write daily.

Visit 10 other ROW80-ers.

How are you doing on your goals? Do you participate with ROW80? Want to? Join us here!


That’s right. I’m X-ing things off my to-do list today:

Quick blog post? X-ed.

Put gas in the car and air in the tires? X-ed.

Work hard on actual day job workity-work-work-work stuff? X-ed.

Get a big fat certified check and virtually empty my bank account? X-ed.

Wrangle anxiety down to a level where I can get really excited to be a homeowner again? X-ed.

Happy Tuesday, all. I hope your day is fantastic. heart

It’s true, co-workers. I write books. Some with sexytimes in them.

I’m way overdue for a WIPpet and ROW80 update, but I’ve been all kinds of busy. I won’t list out my lame reasons, but I promise I’m jumping back into the nightly writing sessions tonight! My current focus is to finish Peace, Love and Murder, and I’m sitting at just under 31,000 words. (NaNo hasn’t worked for me this time around, but that doesn’t mean I should sit back and use it as an excuse to slack off for the rest of the month!) So: Continue reading