So, babysteps. If you read my post from a couple weeks ago, you might know I’ve been dealing with some issues relating to anxiety and depression and just plain being overwhelmed. That post was pretty upbeat and positive (no, don’t go away, this post is too, I promise!), but unfortunately, the medication I was seeing such great results on also caused WW3 in my guts. Wait, stop running! I promise I’m not going into detail on that, either!

Anyway, where that leaves me is back at square one: no meds to help me but I do have a definite advantage. I know I’ve actually got an issue with anxiety and depression now (for those that missed this stunning revelation I had: Suzy Sunshine types can get anxious and depressed, too!) and that automatically puts me way ahead of where I was before. Since I’m opting out of more meds until my tummy heals up, I’m going to employ some of those coping mechanisms I talked about before. And that’s where babysteps come in. Continue reading


How to Dig Yourself Out of a Deep, Deep Hole.

I’m going to get serious here for a sec. Have you ever gotten so far behind that you’re literally rendered immobile by the sheer size of your overloaded to-do list? That’s me lately. I’m telling you, you could hand me three free hours with which to be productive, and I’d still accomplish nothing more than reading every single nasty comment below a gossip article about a celebrity I couldn’t care less about, the whole time lambasting myself up and down for not doing anything productive but not being able to do anything about it. This particular song has been on repeat for me for a long time, now, and I know for sure I’m not the only one experiencing acute mental paralysis because of it.

So, what the heck?! We’re bright and ambitious people with go-getter attitudes and mildly- to moderately-awesome organizational skills. How does this happen to us? Continue reading