Five Things Friday: Slacker Edition

I’m back from my overly long absence with a quick shot of five random things you should know on this fine Friday.

1. Beware the cholycystectomy.

Gallbladders sometimes don’t go without a fight. I ended up with muscle spasms, a partially-collapsed lung and some other stupidly debilitating side effects. After three weeks, though, I’m mostly all good. Embarrassed to say that I got beaten up by something the size of a walnut, but mostly all good.

2. MaGM will be back next week, and will feature the fantastic Liza O’Connor

I can’t wait. She’s super funny!

3. FYI, coconuts are deadlier than sharks. 

According to the article I read, “There were 91 incidents of shark encounters last summer, Burgess said, including 76 unprovoked attacks on people by sharks.” What I want to know is, what the hell were those 15 other people thinking?

4. If you write, you should be following Kristen Lamb’s blog.

She made me give a character a conflict transplant this week. The character is still prickly, but now she’s got legitimate (and not too overblown) reasons.

5. …aww, forget it. 

I’m too tired to find another fact. Have a great weekend!


A likely story. (#WIPpet and #ROW80)

First off, holy cheese, Batman. So many great folks stopped by after last week’s #WIPpet #ROW80 post! I couldn’t believe the welcome I got from both groups. Am feeling pretty special as a result. Thanks, guys.

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ROW80 Update:

Here are the writing goals I sallied forth with last week:

  1. Submit one query to an agent per day.
  2. Write 1,000 words per day.
  3. Blog at least 3 times a week.

Here’s my progress for last week: Continue reading