Best clerical error EVER. (#ROW80 #WIPpet update)

I’m late still, as per my week so far, but hey, one day is better than two. I’m catching up! I didn’t get a whole lot done, so I’m going to skip the recap of my goals for last week and go straight to this week’s, but first, I’m just bursting to share¬†some news.

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Five Things Friday

A quick list of random things, in no particular order:

#1 Agents don’t really poke caged authors with sharp sticks for fun. Probably.

But I’m not sure. I haven’t actually made contact with one yet. No offense, agents, but I’ve been querying and it’s a little traumatic, hearing other people’s rejection stories and wondering what mine will be like. I vote for a skywriting airplane over my house that says “STOP TRYING.” Continue reading