I passed my first exam! *fist bump*

Oh, wait. You have no idea what I’m talking about. Did I forget to post anything for the past six months? Riiiighhht… sorry about that.

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Writers: Should you be blogging? Maybe not.

Here’s a reprint of an article I wrote last week for the MMRWA’s Writing 101 Facebook page. Re-posting it here, in case any of my writer friends out there might find it useful!

I’ve been thinking a lot about social media lately, so let’s talk about blogging! Or, why maybe you shouldn’t.

Here are the blogging rules for authors:

1. You HAVE to have a blog if you ever expect to be traditionally published. Publishers need to know that you have millions of avid followers before they’ll even consider a contract.

2. You HAVE to have a blog if you’re indie published. How else will people find you and your books?

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If all goes as planned, here’s the view I’ll have this weekend:

View from the deck at the Bay Pointe Inn.

The Bay Pointe Inn is this year’s locale for my local Romance Writers of America chapter’s annual retreat–the Mid-Michigan RWA will be celebrating 30 years! I’ve only been a part of the group for two of those 30, but what an amazing bunch of women. I’m proud to be a part of such a kick-ass bunch of writerly gals.

Hope your weekend is just as awesome! heart


Wednesday again, and that means it’s time for a ROW80 update (as well as an “S” post for the A to Z Challenge, which I cannot believe I am more than halfway through). Here’s how all of my current projects are looking:

ROW80 Round 2 Goals

(For the rest of April, anyway.)

Use a timer! I’m using one right now. Does that count?

Work on Charming Cora Nada this week. Hitting critical mass on a couple of other things and I just gots no time.

Short blog daily On target!

15 minutes of German Did this 4/7 days.

Plan out mini-sesson for MMRWA Retreat Primary focus right now and I’m sort of freaking out. I just remembered (duh) that I do not have Friday to work on it, because the retreat starts Friday night. I suck at math, but even I know that leaves me only two days to finish.

MMRWA Retreat Apr. 24, 25, 26 Friday!

M, W, F Mid-Michigan Romance Writing 101 FB posts On target. No posts missed.

Galesburg Museum Project Revisit Apr. 27 Posted another community event on Monday.

Buy a house? Appraisal came back great. Septic issue nailed down. Loan back from underwriter with a couple of simple requests, which I completed earlier today. Arrangements made for the first week of May off of the day job for moving. We could be scheduling our closing today or tomorrow!

ROW80 sign up/goal post on Apr. 8 Complete.

Retreat basket Complete.

Send chocolate. Please.

To join up with ROW80 or see other bloggers’ goals, go here! Or visit other participants in the A to Z Challenge. 🙂



It doesn’t take much to throw me off track. I can get distracted by lint. Like, for example, when you’re typing away productively and you notice a fuzzy on your sleeve and it makes you think about the fact that your dryer’s broken and the house you’re hoping to buy has a dryer but it also has a clothesline and wouldn’t it be cool to be able to hang your clothes out in the sun because there’s nothing like the smell of clothes fresh from the laundry line, especially if you make that homemade laundry soap you saw on Pinterest with the essential oils in it, and gosh, you’d better start trolling Etsy for a new vintage apron with a clothespin pocket right NOW.

With a mind that wanders that easily, you wouldn’t think that purposely setting a bell to chime every 15 minutes would be a good idea. But it’s actually working.

Hold on, the bell just went off. (Seriously. I didn’t make that up for the benefit of this post.)

Okay, what I did just now was stretched out my hunched up back, drank some water and performed a mental checkup: am I still being productive? Yes. Since my A to Z blog post is the next thing on my to-do list, I’m staying on target.

If you’d like to give it a shot, there are plenty of mindfulness timers out there, which I prefer to use since the alarm-like sound of the countdowns over at e.ggtimer.com are really jarring. Especially if you use them so frequently within the span of an hour. I do like those for writing sprints, though. The timer I like for daily tasks has bell-like chimes and can be found at this website.

And speaking of productivity tools, here’s this week’s ROW80 check-in. (To join up with ROW80 or see other bloggers’ goals, go here!)

ROW80 Round 2 Goals

(For the rest of April, anyway.)

Use a timer! On target. See above. 🙂

Work on Charming Cora Haven’t gotten a ton done. Will try to plug away more this week!

Short blog daily On target.

15 minutes of German Did this 3/7 days.

Plan out mini-sesson for MMRWA Retreat Primary focus right now. Retreat’s next weekend!

MMRWA Retreat Apr. 24, 25, 26 Ditto above.

M, W, F Mid-Michigan Romance Writing 101 FB posts On target. No posts missed.

Galesburg Museum Project Revisit Apr. 27 Posted community event on Monday. Thirty-five new FB likes this week.

Buy a house? Still in progress. Appraisal this week before Friday, two days for a final go-through on our application, need quote on septic repairs and an addendum from sellers, then we schedule closing!

ROW80 sign up/goal post on Apr. 8 Complete.

Retreat basket Complete.

Any productivity technique’s you’d like to share? Do you have goals you’re chipping away at? Share ’em in the comments!  heart




I love goals. Making goals is my idea of fun. I can spend hours coming up with extensive lists of things I want to do, while successfully avoiding doing any actual things. I love goals like I love deadlines. To paraphrase Douglas Adams, I love the whooshing sound they make when they fall by the wayside.


Not completing those goals probably doesn’t bother me as much as it should.  I have issues with accountability. We’re all works in progress, though, amiright? Continue reading


Funny. This is a word that’s been on my mind a lot lately. Especially since I’m going to be doing a mini-session on the topic of writing comedy into romance at my RWA chapter’s retreat in a couple of weeks. (What’s really funny is how terrified I am about that…)


I’ve written some funny stuff. To me, anyway. I go back and read parts of Lucky in Love and just giggle. But what’s cool is that in the course of researching for this class, I’ve found out why some of that stuff is so funny and how to do it on purpose, instead of just sticking words and scenarios out there and hoping they make your readers laugh. No presentation spoiler alerts here, since I’m not going too much in depth, but some of the most interesting info I got was about word choice and letter sounds. Continue reading