Cracked House #FlashFiction

So, I haven’t been writing so much lately. I’ve gotten stuck on the edits for Peace, Love and Murder, and the creative gears in my brain have been all gunked up with work stuff and school stuff and stuff stuff, but I caught a Wendig post on Friday–a flash fiction challenge.

Sure. Like I’ve got time to write a short story, Chuck. I haven’t done that since high school.

Except, wait, I accepted the challenge and turned a pretty cool story out of it. (FYI, there’s a couple swears and some creepy stuff, if you’re not into that. This ain’t a romance, folks.)

Cracked House

The cold bit at Damon’s nose as soon as he opened the door, and he tugged his scarf up. The wool itched and smelled like peanut butter and cigarette smoke.

“Come on, Curtis.”

Damon jerked his little brother’s arm and Curtis yelped. “Tee, Damon hurt my arm!”

“Gone, now. Get to school.” The volume went up louder on the TV, and a racking cough echoed out from the living room. “You lettin’ the cold air in!”

Damon automatically steered Curtis around the loose board three steps down. He was a little shit, but that didn’t mean Damon wanted to see him trip down the rickety staircase of their second-story apartment.

The wind picked up as they trudged down the sidewalk, bringing with it a crumpled McDonald’s bag, a couple of dead leaves and a condom wrapper that gleefully cartwheeled past them.

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May Goals (ROW80 Update)

With the move, a lot of things have been back-burnered, and although I’m not yet ready to jump right back into the swing of things (there will be some intensive cleaning, settling in, and maintenance-doing around the Brockmeyer casa this week), I am ready to poke my head up and take a look around to see where I’m going next.

Mid-month isn’t too late for a goal post, right? Here’s an April re-cap:

April ROW80 Round 2 Goals

Use a timer! Did it! (Not quite a habit yet, but works when I use it.)

Work on Charming Cora Yeah, nope. My only big ‘ol fail.

Short blog daily Did it! I’m a survivor. And sorry for getting that song stuck in your head.

15 minutes of German daily Did it! (Probably 70% success on this.)

Plan out mini-sesson for MMRWA Retreat Did it! And didn’t die of embarrassment while I presented!

MMRWA Retreat Apr. 24, 25, 26 Done! Can’t wait ’till next year.

M, W, F Mid-Michigan Romance Writing 101 FB posts Did it!

Galesburg Museum Project Revisit Apr. 27 Need to give some structure to this project. Did some!

Buy a house? Did it! We now have our own little MCM gem and it’s so, so cool.

ROW80 sign up/goal post on Apr. 8 Did it!

Retreat basket Did it!

Looking back, that’s really not too bad. Except that, with everything else going on, writing seriously fell by the wayside. That can’t happen the rest of this month. My biggest goal will be to make writing a daily habit again.

Mid-May ROW80 Round 2 Goals

Write daily.

Continue to use a timer

Evaluate my Project List

Follow up on Harlequin Submission (and change contact info)

Structure Galesburg Museum project

15 Minutes daily German

Submit PRO application to RWA

Writing jumpstarts? Flash fiction or short story?

I guess that’s about enough to get me started. Let’s hope that writing down goals really is the first step in accomplishing them. How about you? Do you have lots of ambitious goals going this month? Or what’s left of it, anyway?

(P.S. If you’d like to share your goals and progress, check out the ROW80 blog!)