Tackling Stuff: Project List


That’s right, Batman. Simplify. I’ve been waiting forever to use that graphic. Also, if it’s yours, let me know and I’ll credit you, because I saved it so long ago I forgot where I found it.

I took the ROW80 goals I posted Sunday and am hitting things one at a time. First on the list was writing daily, but I’ve skipped real quick to evaluating my project list. I need to write daily, but I need to use my time effectively and I’ve got a few things sitting out there that are demanding my attention. First step is to see where I’m at with each so I can plan my attack.

His Sweet Pretender (formerly Small Town Love), Briarfield Brides #1

This one’s currently out for consideration with the Harlequin Special Edition line. It was rejected by Harlequin’s American line (they’re now focusing on just ranchers and cowboys, fyi) and the very sweet editor over there called it a “feel-good love story” and recommended I try Special Edition. I’ve just passed my three-month marker and moved, changing all contact info but my email, so it’s time to follow up and also update my address and phone number. If I’m going to get “the call” (think positive!) I don’t want it to be to a disconnected phone number.

Status: 57,858 words. 100% complete. Out for consideration and requiring follow up. Continue reading


More nail biting…

I’m a little late for any ROW80 updates or WIPpet Wednesday, but a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks! Last Wednesday, I had a post all ready to go about how I got these goals done: Continue reading

Keep On Truckin’ (WIPpet/ROW80)

So, last week’s goals to focus on were:

1. Revise SMALL TOWN LOVE based on editor, agent and CP feedback. 

2.  Submit STL to Harlequin. 

10. Blog my progress throughout, visit ROW80 and WIPpet bloggers, and at the end of the 80 days, re-evaluate my goals and where I’m at. 

Doing well on #1, but finding more to edit than I’d hoped, so holding off on #2,  and (yay!) still going on #10. I’m going to keep those same goals until next Wednesday’s check-in. Continue reading

Flippin’ the Script (ROW80/WIPpet Wednesday)

It’s a writer’s prerogative to change her mind, I guess. I burst out of the gate with all kinds of goals for this 80-day round of writing, and I’m still keeping them, but I’m changing up the order a bit.

I got some fantastic feedback from my friend and critique partner, Diane Flannery (if you read historical romance, remember this name – she’s going to be big!) on my finished book, SMALL TOWN LOVE. It was so incisive and inspiring and most of all, RIGHT, that I’m bumping up number six and seven on my list to number one and two: Continue reading

I’m sorry I burned the toast. And the orange juice. #amquerying

I’ve had a fantastic response already to last week’s first round of queries on SMALL TOWN LOVE, and have already submitted a full to an agent, but in the meantime, I’ve got to think about something other than the fact that a very well-respected industry professional wanted to read my stuff without being bribed, blackmailed or extorted first. (I promise, those were going to be last-ditch efforts only.)

Continue reading