Hungover #AtoZChallenge

I’m not hungover, but that’s kind of how I feel right now. In pursuit of my overarching goal of productivity, I got up at 5:00 AM instead of 5:55 AM like I usually do.

I think he’s yawning. If not, I feel sad for him. Image Credit

Tomorrow, I think I’ll scale it back to 5:50.



Meet Author Alyssa Alexander (#MaGM 9)

Wait, what? Am I really on time today? No excuses to make for my lame habit of being tardy with blog interviews? Oh, good! Because I’m about to have some fun with Alyssa Alexander.

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MaGM #8: Meet Author Stephanie Keyes

I meant to wash the dishes but I’m allergic to dish soap. What kind?  All of them. And I was going to call you, but I fell off the Golden Gate Bridge. That was right after the Cuisinart accidentally shredded my trig homework. And I couldn’t go to workout class because the dog crapped in my left tennis shoe. Plus, I have no internet access at home and my husband threw out his back and had to stay on the floor for 12 hours and I couldn’t post my interview with author Stephanie Keyes on Monday because, devoted wife that I am, I stayed by his side and didn’t even so much as sneak away to a Starbucks to get a decaf iced mocha and put this interview online.

Wait, that last excuse is totally true.

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MaGM #6: Meet Author Jennifer Lowery (with GIVEAWAY!)

See, the trick to being late with a blog post is to do it exactly a week later than you said you would. Then, you can pretend you were never late at all! Promise, though, this one was worth the wait. There’s even a giveaway!

So, welcome to another Meet and Greet Monday, where we pull an author or reader of romance out from out of that book they’re buried in, drag them in front of everyone and introduce them! Please wave hello to today’s featured guest, anotherMMRWA friend and fantastic author (she’s a NYT and USA Today bestseller for a reason), Jennifer Lowery! Continue reading