That’s right. I’m X-ing things off my to-do list today:

Quick blog post? X-ed.

Put gas in the car and air in the tires? X-ed.

Work hard on actual day job workity-work-work-work stuff? X-ed.

Get a big fat certified check and virtually empty my bank account? X-ed.

Wrangle anxiety down to a level where I can get really excited to be a homeowner again? X-ed.

Happy Tuesday, all. I hope your day is fantastic. heart



After an amazing Saturday filled with the friendship and the fellowship of like-minded romance writer nerds (FYI, Rita Clay Estrada is an incredible person), I came to work today expecting to hear at some point whether we were cleared to close on the house we’re buying or if there would be more conditions to fulfill, first. Well, we did find out we were cleared to close. And immediately after, found out we’re closing tomorrow. AGH!

We’ve been working on our credit forever. Talking about moving. Looking at houses. Then, we find one and wait to see if we can still actually get it and the bank won’t change their minds after preapproving us because they found out somehow that I took pop cans back to the store last week to get a gallon of milk and they think we’re still poor.

I had the money, I swear! I just needed to take pop cans back anyway

And now we’re moving moving. Like, this weekend. It’s a little surreal right now.

So, wow. Happy Monday all! Wish some sanity my way, if you get a chance, and I’d be happy to reciprocate. 🙂