All the best intentions. #amwriting

Since when is it after 5:00 PM already? How the heck are there only three weeks left in this ROW80 round? Is it seriously already September? Where are my car keys? Who are you? Hold on, I got another retweet!


Yeah, I got sucked into #1lineWed today and am now mildly discombobulated. At least it’s a PL&M-related distraction, though. Right?

So, goal check-in:

Finish rough draft of PL&M by August 31: write at least 1,000 words per day. Preferably 2,000.

When I first looked at that goal, I burst out to laughing. Of course PL&M isn’t finished! I only wrote nine days in August. But after some number crunching, you know what? My August total was over 14,000 words. That’s still a win for me.

 Post ROW80 Wednesday updates and visit 10 other ROW80ers. 

I can’t dress this goal up in high-heeled shoes and call it anything other than a fail. I’ve been a sucky bloggy friend.

With only 15K words to go on Peace, Love and Murder, I’m definitely motivated to finish. With that in mind, here are next week’s goals:

Write at least 1,000 words per day on PL&M until that magical day when I finish.

Visit 10 ROW80ers per check in.

I know those aren’t terribly original goals, but they’re an extension of what’s been working for me. How about you? Have your writing goals morphed lately or are you practicing sticktoitiveness? Do you participate with ROW80? Want to? Join us here!


Writers: Should you be blogging? Maybe not.

Here’s a reprint of an article I wrote last week for the MMRWA’s Writing 101 Facebook page. Re-posting it here, in case any of my writer friends out there might find it useful!

I’ve been thinking a lot about social media lately, so let’s talk about blogging! Or, why maybe you shouldn’t.

Here are the blogging rules for authors:

1. You HAVE to have a blog if you ever expect to be traditionally published. Publishers need to know that you have millions of avid followers before they’ll even consider a contract.

2. You HAVE to have a blog if you’re indie published. How else will people find you and your books?

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Written? Kitten! Why I like it.

I love things that make me write faster, so when I saw a mention on Twitter about Written? Kitten!, a free online writer interface that rewards you with kittens every time you get to 100 words, I had to try it. I pulled up the tool and it was simply a pretty blue screen with a white text box and a little explanation of how things worked. You just click in the box and start typing.

Here’s a recap of my experience with this Write or Die-like positive writing reinforcer: Continue reading