We’re in debt now.

But it’s a pretty cool feeling. Mid-century restoration, here we go!

Well, actually,¬†I should probably focus on getting us moved in, first. And then get our beloved farm all spiffed up and ready for her next renter. And then maybe get back to some writing so I can fund the whole restoration thing. ūüôā



We all have them.

Some of us more than others.

I don’t think my quirks are particularly interesting, really. I can cross my eyes, like the lovely lady above. I tend to overshare with random strangers. I prefer cold coffee to hot. My definition of a good time is a nap on Sunday or a Little House on the Prairie rerun. I also like pina coladas and getting caught¬†in the rain.

But I really like writing¬†quirky characters. Like in Lucky in Love, my heroine is vintage-obsessed. She works on antique¬†cars. She watches soap operas.¬†She has an evil, one-eyed cat named Louie. She takes swing-dancing lessons. She’s got a weakness for hard-boiled, emotionally-repressed Marines.

Who sounds more interesting to you: me or Lucky? Wait, don’t answer that. Do you have any personality quirks you’d like to share? Any favorites in characters that you’ve read or written?

And bonus for writers, here are two writer references on coming up with quirks for your characters:

Personality Quirk Generator

100 Character Quirks

Happy Monday! heart

MaGM #7: Meet Author Andrea Cooper

Okay, this is weird. On the one hand, we have our familiar MaGM routine. On the other – we’re doing this in the fancy new¬†WordPress¬†digs. Sorry, I’m having a moment of¬†disorientation. ¬†Let’s make this place feel a little more like home:


That’s better.

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