It’s true, co-workers. I write books. Some with sexytimes in them.

I’m way overdue for a WIPpet and ROW80 update, but I’ve been all kinds of busy. I won’t list out my lame reasons, but I promise I’m jumping back into the nightly writing sessions tonight! My current focus is to finish Peace, Love and Murder, and I’m sitting at just under 31,000 words. (NaNo hasn’t worked for me this time around, but that doesn’t mean I should sit back and use it as an excuse to slack off for the rest of the month!) So: Continue reading


More nail biting…

I’m a little late for any ROW80 updates or WIPpet Wednesday, but a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks! Last Wednesday, I had a post all ready to go about how I got these goals done: Continue reading

Keep On Truckin’ (WIPpet/ROW80)

So, last week’s goals to focus on were:

1. Revise SMALL TOWN LOVE based on editor, agent and CP feedback. 

2.  Submit STL to Harlequin. 

10. Blog my progress throughout, visit ROW80 and WIPpet bloggers, and at the end of the 80 days, re-evaluate my goals and where I’m at. 

Doing well on #1, but finding more to edit than I’d hoped, so holding off on #2,  and (yay!) still going on #10. I’m going to keep those same goals until next Wednesday’s check-in. Continue reading

Best clerical error EVER. (#ROW80 #WIPpet update)

I’m late still, as per my week so far, but hey, one day is better than two. I’m catching up! I didn’t get a whole lot done, so I’m going to skip the recap of my goals for last week and go straight to this week’s, but first, I’m just bursting to share some news.

Continue reading

A likely story. (#WIPpet and #ROW80)

First off, holy cheese, Batman. So many great folks stopped by after last week’s #WIPpet #ROW80 post! I couldn’t believe the welcome I got from both groups. Am feeling pretty special as a result. Thanks, guys.

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ROW80 Update:

Here are the writing goals I sallied forth with last week:

  1. Submit one query to an agent per day.
  2. Write 1,000 words per day.
  3. Blog at least 3 times a week.

Here’s my progress for last week: Continue reading

#ROW80 and #WIPpet Wednesday: Can I play, too?


I’m really bad at joining groups. Matter of fact, I’m that weird girl with the thick plastic-framed glasses (I mean the pink Sally Jessy Raphael ones from the 80’s, not the cool black hipster 50’s throwbacks) who stands by the chainlink fence really really wanting to play foursquare (the kind with the ball, not the kind that allows Facebook to tell your stalker where you are) but probably won’t get the guts up to come over and ask you if she can play.

Well, there’s this cool group of kids out there and they’re doing some neat stuff and I want to play, too. And since I’m 34 years-old now and totally over the whole elementary school peer fright thing, I’m going to just sidle up next to them and start playing, too, pretending like I’ve been here the whole time, instead of just watching from this chainlink fence every lunch hour for the past week. Continue reading