ROW80: A new round and 10 goals!

So, September was mostly a bust in the writing department, but I have high hopes for October. In fact, I want to finish two WIPs. I know, typically setting your goals too big is a recipe for disaster, but I like to live on the edge. Below are my (very specific) ROW80 goals for the first month or so of this 80-day round, and a rough sketch of my goals after that point.

Here are October’s goals: Continue reading


Written? Kitten! Why I like it.

I love things that make me write faster, so when I saw a mention on Twitter about Written? Kitten!, a free online writer interface that rewards you with kittens every time you get to 100 words, I had to try it. I pulled up the tool and it was simply a pretty blue screen with a white text box and a little explanation of how things worked. You just click in the box and start typing.

Here’s a recap of my experience with this Write or Die-like positive writing reinforcer: Continue reading